5 Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy this Winter

Natural skin care

Winter is a beautiful time for many things, but your skin is often not one of them. All skin types suffer in this season as the cold air strips your skin of its protective outer layer of natural oils and dead skin cells. That is, however, not the case if you have a good skincare routine with products from brands like Nivea that caters to what your skin needs to be at its peak health and glow even in this weather.

Taking care of your skin in the winter is now at its most accessible with high-quality skincare brands like Nivea designed to bring out the natural glow in your skin without damaging it. Here are tips you can keep in mind to best prepare for the upcoming season!

Keep your skin healthy

1. Moisturise Daily:

The natural oils in your body help lock in moisture that is very essential in the winter. So, always make sure you moisturize your face and body thoroughly any time you wash them or get out of the shower, as it will help replace these natural oils and prevent dry skin. Petroleum or cream-based moisturizers are ideal if your skin tends to get dry during the winter.

2. Apply Sunscreen:

The winter sun can also be dangerous to your skin as it is still radiating harmful UV rays that can penetrate the protective barriers of keep your skin healthy and give rise to skin problems. As a rule, make sure you apply sunscreen every day religiously, even when it gets tempting to cut down on it due to the low levels of sunlight. This layer should go on your face after the layer of moisturizer.

3. Overnight Treatments:

One often tends to stay busy throughout the day, so your skin usually does not get the rest it needs to revitalize and regain its healthy glow. This is why you should opt for overnight treatments, as it is a great time to just let your skin breathe and absorb beneficial products like emollients so that they can rejuvenate the various layers of your skin. Going for some eye cream and a hydrating face mask from Nivea every once in a while will help.

4. Stay Hydrated:

It is just as important to stay hydrated on the inside as it is on the outside. Make sure you drink enough fluids to avoid your skin from getting susceptible to drying out. It will also help to eat foods that are high in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, as these nutrients can protect your cells from environmental damage

5. Adjust the Temperature:

Research suggests that appealing as it may be, it is best to avoid hot showers in the winter as hot water is more likely to strip away your skin’s natural oils. Instead, go for lukewarm water, as it does this much slower. Also, avoid exfoliating in the shower and scrubbing your skin with a towel once you are done. Try patting it dry instead to avoid any itchiness or irritation.

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