Choosing the Right Hair Brush is the Secret to Beautiful Hair


There are no set instructions for buying hairbrushes, no “how to’s” or “do’s and don’ts”. But choosing the correct hairbrush out of tons of appealing options and knowing when to use which one can do wonders for styling your hair. 

A change in bristles or a different brush texture can make or break your hair – quite literally. A hair brush is a device you’re going to use daily and will help you in the long run – heat styling and care products aside. So when you’re buying a hairbrush the next time, consider it as an investment! 

Here’s a handy guide by tira for you to refer to when you’re shopping for a hair brush, or trying to pick one to use for the day.

Hair brush

For Knots: The Detangling Hair Brush

Hair type: All types of hair

To be used: On wet or semi-wet hair

A detangling brush is handy when you’ve just stepped out of a shower or need to remove knots from wet hair. Depending on your hair type, there are various kinds of bristles/hair teeth in a detangling brush: boar bristles help with thin hair, whereas nylon bristles are good at managing thick, luscious or curly hair.

You can also buy a mixed brush that has a mix of boar and nylon bristles. This would help distribute your natural hair oil while also keeping the frizz to a minimum.

For Every Day: The Paddle Hair Brush

Hair type: All types of hair

To be used: On dry hair for styling

A flat brush or a paddle hair brush is excellent for regular hair styling, It keeps your hair in position while you run a blow dry through or straighten it. It also comes in handy when hair’s prone to breakage.

tira pro tip: Get a paddle brush with a Ceramic base if you plan to style it regularly. The ceramic helps distribute heat evenly.

Alternatively, a round hair brush would also help with blow drying to create natural curls. We recommend shifting to a round brush once you’ve mastered the paddle hair brush.

For Serious Hair Styling: The Boar Bristle Brush

Hair type: Curly to wavy hair

To be used: For professional hair styling

A boar bristle brush works wonderfully on thin strands and curly hair texture. It’s incredibly gentle and effective at distributing your natural hair oil to the ends of your strands. Not to mention, it minimises hair fall and breakage and takes care of hair when it’s extra sensitive (heated) while styling.

You can also use this as part of your nighttime routine to even out knots before going to sleep.

For Special Occasions: The Teasing Comb

Hair type: All types of hair

To be used: For occasional styling

A teasing comb comes with fine bristles clubbed together and helps with adding volume and extra dimension to your hair. You can use a teasing comb to give an illusion of fullness by slightly teasing the strands of your hair.

We would recommend buying only high-quality teasing combs and using them occasionally to reduce hair damage. You can select any one of your choices from tira.

For Curly Hair: The Wide Tooth Comb

Hair type: Curly hair

To be used: On wet hair

A staple for almost every girl, a wide toothcomb can come in extra handy if you have curly or wavy hair. They’re great at detangling and help gently remove knots without any breakage. You can also use wide tooth combs for leave-in treatments, hair masks and an even distribution of hair products till the ends of your hair.

You can also find wide tooth combs that come in neem barks or wood. These are super beneficial in maintaining the integrity and shine of your hair without causing friction or frizz. However, a neem comb should be replaced for best results after three to four months.

For Micro Styling and Sectioning: The Fine-tooth Comb/Rat Tail Comb

Hair type: Straight or wavy hair

To be used: For styling or creating sections

You might’ve seen this comb commonly in hair salons, used for sectioning parts of your hair in detail or combing through small sections with ease. It comes with a sharp end and thin teeth placed together. It’s commonly used for sectioning your hair into smaller parts, styling, flat ironing, or just creating a partition.

If you straighten your hair regularly or trim it yourself, this comb is a must-have.

For Thinning Concerns: The Soft Bristle Brush

Hair type: All types of hair

To be used: For hair prone to breakage/thinning/balding

Specific boar bristle brushes also come in an extra soft setting, where the bristles are made to be soft and gentler for extremely fine hair. This works best in favour of hair that is experiencing extreme breakage or thinning or has just started growing (baby hair).

This brush also stimulates your scalp and improves blood circulation without causing abrupt damage or hair fall.

For Hair Extensions: The Loop Hair Brush

Hair type: All types of hair

To be used: On hair extensions

If you’ve recently got hair extensions and don’t want to run the risk of ruining them or pulling them out, this one is your saviour. A loop brush is designed to glide over clip-ons and even more permanent forms of hair extensions. It goes through chunks of extensions without pulling them out or tugging at them. It’s also really good for evening out your natural hair oils and blending your extensions in with the rest of your hair.

We at tira hope that you’re armed with a good knowledge of hair brushes after reading this guide! Check out our different hair brush options and unlock the secret to beautiful hair! 


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