Things You Should Know About Facial Cupping/Hijama


Cupping therapy is also known as the Hijama therapy. Hijama therapy is a treatment in which cups are being placed on the surface of the skin on specific points for the suction. So, it can remove toxins from your body and increase the flow of blood inside the body.

Hijama is a therapy that is used to stimulate your skin and muscles by using suction cups. It is done on your body or on your face. Suction increases the flow of blood circulation that helps in releasing pain, tension, cell repair, and aid in other regeneration.

It is said that it improves the flow of your life force, which is also called “qi”. Qi is a Chinese word that means life force. Looking for a Hijama center? You can visit the Hijama center in Islamabad.

Facial Cupping Same As Body Cupping:

Yes or no. Although it is based on the same principle of recovery, face and body repentance are performed differently.


Face cups are usually smaller and softer. It is used to gently pull the skin away from deeper layers of fascia. It increases blood flow to the area and rejuvenates the skin without leaving cup marks.


“Over time, this exercise improves the complexion and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

On the other hand, body kicking is mainly used to relieve pain.


Cups marks are almost always left behind, but they serve a diagnostic purpose; the size, shape, and color reflect the amount of “stagnation” or buildup of cellular waste. These marks fade as your lymphatic system processes the waste.


How does it work?

The suction effect draws blood into the area of ​​the skin under the cup. This saturates the surrounding tissues with fresh blood and promotes the new formation of blood vessels.

Hijama therapy promotes and sterile inflammation. Sterile inflammation is a form of pathogen-free trauma. With Hijama, it comes from mechanical trauma.

Vacuum-like suction separates various layers of tissue, resulting in microtrauma and tears. This triggers an inflammatory response, flooding the area with white blood cells, platelets, and other healing aids.

Benefits Of Hijama:

The benefits of facial cupping or facial Hijama therapy are as follows:

  1. Oxygen-rich blood circulation increases.
  2. Strengthen your skin.
  3. stimulate cells which cause collagen.
  4. Helps in relaxing muscle tension.

Practices said:

  1. Helps in brightening your skin.
  2. Removes scars, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  3. Removes puffiness
  4. Decreases the oil production
  5. Improve absorption of nutrients


Will It Leave Marks?

Facial cupping therapy doesn’t leave marks. However, marks can appear if the cup is left in the same place for too long. Marks can occur in a minimum of five seconds, so make sure you keep the cup moving.

Side Effects or Risks:

Although facial cupping is usually considered safe, it can have a small effect. They usually occur during or after treatment.

Maybe you can experience temporarily:


  1. dizziness
  2. headache
  3. disappointment
  4. cold sweats


It is said facial cupping on broken or inflamed skin. This includes active cuts, bodies, wounds, etc.

Is it Safe To Use Hijama Therapy at home?

The house has a set of cupping kits, but it will be easier to relax under the care of a professional.

Visiting a professional also makes sure that the proper technique is followed.

If you want to have Hijama therapy at home, ask a practitioner for guidance. They will help you with everything you are stuck in.

Caution: You will develop unnecessary bruising when you refine your technique. It may take longer to achieve the results you want.


Facial Cupping Increases circulation of blood, which helps in minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and more.

While, You can have the experience of facial cupping at home, but it is best to reach out to an expert practitioner for the very first session. They will help in resolving your questions. And give the best guideline on your skincare.


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