6 Routines to keep your eyes relaxed

keep your eyes relaxed

Proper habits and simple daily exercises help keep them healthy and avoid the most common conditions.

Sight is the most valued sense for 90% of Spaniards. However, they do not tend to take good care of their eyes to preserve their function. There are habits and simple exercises that can extend your good health and avoid common conditions, such as dry eye, infections, bags, tired eyes …

Unclog the lacrimal grand

Dysfunction of the meibomian glands – the dots on the inner end of the eyelid margin – is the main cause of dry eye , just as the scabs or dirt that accumulates on the eyelashes are the cause of eye inflammation
or conjunctivitis.

This eyelid hygiene routine improves and prevents these problems:

  • Apply heat to the eyelid surface with a humid cloth heated in the microwave (40-45 oC) between 5 and 10 minutes, so that the fat that obstructs the tear ducts is liquefied.
  • With cotton wool dipped in a saline solution (monodose) to which a few drops of baby shampoo are applied , rub the lower and upper edges of the eyelid , at the base of the eyelashes, to unblock them.
  • Massage the eyelid, with progressive pressure and from the outside in, in order to squeeze the glands inside.
  • Wash the eyes with a jet of saline or with the wash described below.

Eyewash, A healthy practice

The eye wash can be a healthy way to care for your eyes daily. To do this, you have to buy an eye bathtub at the pharmacy, open your eyes for a few seconds in the saline solution (monodose) and blink a little.

Then the eyes are dried and used to clean the eyelids and the base of the eyelashes. It is recommended to do it in the morning and at times of the day when the eyes feel irritated. This cleans the ocular surface
and prevents inflammation and tiredness.

Potatoes to remove eye bags

If bags form under the eyes, put a grated potato in two gauze pads , cool in the fridge and apply to the eyelids for 10 to 15 minutes. The eyes rest and the bags disappear. The rest will make you a restful sleep.

Flashing to rest your eyes at work

Rest every hour getting up to go to the bathroom or drink something. If you can’t, just close your eyes for a while and blink an exaggerated moment. Every 15 minutes, it is also convenient to look out the window to a place as far away as possible .

Monitor lighting

Avoid direct sunlight or artificial light and use lamps that give indirect light, with quality bulbs. The flickering of the fluorescent tires the eyes. It is recommended to use daylight fluorescent lamps, with an increase in blinking frequency system (such as osram quicktronic).

Good lighting must be more or less homogeneous, without very bright areas next to other dark areas : this forces the eyes to continuously adapt.

Fit the screen

Do not save on the screen and buy a good one even if it has to be smaller . It must be LCD , with a high refresh rate, and must be placed at a minimum approximate distance from your outstretched arm, at eye level.

Use a glow similar to lighting . If the screen dazzles when you look at it from behind, it is too strong. cheap laptops often sacrifice screen and graphics card quality. Those of very low range are not suitable.

When copying text or data, the less distance there is between paper and screen, or between book and paper, the better to avoid focusing-blurring continuously.

Increase humidity

In the offices the dryness of the environment (due to air conditioning or heating) is a major problem for the eyes, ears and nostrils. It can be compensated by pouring water when going to the bathroom or chamomile or eye bright eye drops every 2 hours .

At home, the ideal is to put a humidifier , which will prevent dry eyes and reduce eye strain.

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