Green Tea for Acne: How to Use It, Why It Works?

green tea for acne

Green tea is a natural astringent that offers interesting results in the treatment of acne. Do you know how to use it? Here we tell you in detail.

The acne is not a serious health problem in most cases, at least from the organizational point of view. From a psychological point of view, on the other hand, it does tend to cause significant effects, since it can affect appearance and self-esteem. Can Green Tea Help Acne Treatment?

Acne usually responds well to home treatments, including green tea. Only rarely does it become resistant and in those cases the specialized intervention of a dermatologist is necessary. This problem mainly affects teenagers, but it can appear at any age.

In general, it is considered that there is a concomitant serious problem if acne appears suddenly in an older adult. In these cases, it is advisable to go to a dermatologist or our trusted doctor.

Let’s meet acne

green tea to fight acne
Acne is one of the most common skin diseases. It originates when pores become clogged with traces of sebum and dead cells.

Acne is a skin disorder that affects hair follicles and oil glands, according to the survey. The skin has small holes called pores. These are connected internally with the sebaceous glands, through a tube called the follicle.

The sebaceous glands produce a fatty substance called sebum. The sebum carries dead skin cells to the surface, through the follicles. Hair also grows through such follicles. Sometimes dead cells, sebum, and hair collect and clog the pore.

The confluence of dead cells , sebum, and hair causes bacteria to clump together at one point. This causes swelling. The moment the plug begins to clog, a pimple or pimple forms Acne appears on the face, back, chest, neck, and shoulders.

Factors that affect acne

There are some factors that predispose to acne, among which are age, family history, hormonal changes , skin contact with greasy substances, continued pressure or friction on the skin (such as that exerted by cell phones against the face) and stress.

In turn, there are several factors that can make acne worse. These are:

  • Ingestion of certain medications : Basically those that contain corticosteroids, lithium or testosterone.
  • Diet : According to this study, the foods that most affect acne are carbohydrates, chocolate and skim milk. Foods with high fat content do not have a greater incidence.
  • Hormones : The hormonal changes of puberty, as well as the menstrual period, pregnancy and the use of oral contraceptives increase the production of sebum.
  • Stress : Although distress alone doesn’t cause acne, it can make it worse.

There is a myth that acne arises from poor hygiene. This is false. Even washing the skin with excessive force or with very strong soaps can make the problem worse. The use of cosmetics, by itself, does not cause or increase acne.

Treating acne with green tea

Green tea for acne
Green tea is a natural remedy that can fight acne. Both its consumption and its topical application help regulate the production of sebum.

Green tea is a natural remedy that offers interesting results in the treatment of acne. It is also an antioxidant ingredient that helps eliminate excesses in oily skin.

Drinking green tea helps fight acne, as it helps reduce the production of sebum in the skin, according to this study from the University of California. Incidentally, it also moderates insulin and blood sugar levels. As always, it is not good to overdo it. Just having one green tea a day is enough.

Also, green tea can be used as a topical solution. Just apply a compress of green tea extract on the affected area . This helps eliminate bacteria in the area, reduces inflammation and prevents the appearance of spots.

Other ways to use green tea against acne

There are other slightly more elaborate ways to use green tea. They not only help you treat acne, but they improve the overall appearance of your skin. They provide freshness, firmness and prevent skin aging. Some of the most effective masks are the following:

  • Green tea and honey : Mix a tablespoon of each element and form a paste. Then it is applied to the face and left to act for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water and repeat twice a week.
  • Green tea and aloevera : You need two bags of green tea, a tablespoon of aloevera, and a cup of water. An infusion is made with the two tea bags and allowed to cool. Then it is mixed with the other ingredients and put in a spray bottle. Spray the face after bathing.

Have you already tried a green tea remedy against acne? As you can see, both its consumption and its application can be beneficial to treat this skin problem. Start using it and see its effects.

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