Health Benefits of Music – Is Listening to Music Good For Your Health?

Health benefits of listening music

Surely you have ever heard that music has health benefits, but do you know them? Find out in this article. Do you know the health benefits of music? It is undeniable that we all like music. There is no culture that has not created its own styles and today it is a huge business.

Music is present in all areas of our life, it can change our mood, tell us a story or help us continue when we are depressed.

But does it help us healthily?

How Music Helps Health / Health Benefits of Music

1. Improvement of visual and verbal skills

A study published in the journal  Frontiers in Psychology  in 2013 concludes that music can stimulate children’s brains and helps improve their communication skills, specifically visual and verbal.

Children who participate in interactive music lessons have been identified:

  • gain greater confidence
  • your communication is much more efficient
  • they smile more
  • his brain gives more sophisticated responses than the average child his age.

In children 4-6 years of age, music training that includes understanding rhythm, voice, and basic musical concepts also helps them learn and understand new words .

Older children (ages 8-11) who take music classes have been shown to have higher IQs than other children.

2. Decreases wear on the brain


Whether we have music training or just listen to music, this will help us maintain a healthy brain in adulthood and old age.

Listening to music is an exercise for the mind and as such helps to keep it in shape. Even people who already have some brain damage can partially or totally recover some memories and neurological processes learned with the help of sounds or very rhythmic music.

3. You are happier

As we said before, music has the power to change our mood easily. It can make you feel happy, sad, excited, calm, etc.

When we listen to upbeat music, our brain starts the production of dopamine. This neurohormonase is responsible for making us feel emotions such as: happiness, excitement, fun, etc.

Therefore, listening to music can make us as happy as eating a piece of chocolate, having sex, taking certain drugs or falling in love.

It has also been shown that when we listen to music that goes at high speed, we are happy . On the other hand, slower music can make us feel nostalgic or sad.

4. Help your heart

Heart - health benefits of music

Music has been shown to facilitate the recovery of patients suffering from heart problems .

Regardless of the type of music you like, listening to it triggers the production of endorphins in the brain and these improve vascular health.

It has also been proven that patients who have undergone heart surgery can lower their levels of anxiety and pain thanks to music.

A study found that patients who listen to at least 30 minutes of music a day have stable blood pressure levels, normal heart palpitations, and less stress than those who do not listen to music.

5. Improves the quality of sleep

Stress and anxiety are the biggest enemies of quality, restful sleep. But we can listen to music to change this situation.

It might be advisable, for example, to listen to calm and happy music about 30 minutes before going to sleep, although if you can implement it throughout your day, it will be better.

6. Benefits to the immune system and reduces pain


Scientists have seen that music is capable of reducing levels of cortisol , the stress hormone, responsible for weakening our immune system .

It must be remembered that this weakening makes us more prone to heart problems, learning problems, low bone density and increased blood pressure.

According to studies, listening to 50 minutes of energetic music increases the production of antibodies in our body.

If you are one of those who do not listen to much music, it may be a good time to start. Try listening to new musical genres and analyze the reaction of your body.

Take advantage of the health benefits of music!

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