Scalpers’ new masculine perfume combines freshness and character


The fashion firm Scalpers presents a new men’s perfume, Scalpers Boxing Club , a fragrance inspired by the energy and feeling of overcoming that reigns in boxing clubs. Do you want to know what the fragrance is like?

Scalpers Boxing Club, the new men’s perfume from Scalpers

After the launch of the Scalpers perfume a year ago now, Scalpers Boxing Club arrives , a fragrance that maintains the design of the original with references to taloring and that introduces a nod to the world of boxing. It is pure energy !

Scalpers Boxing Club

The bottle is tinted an amber tone, while the packaging, in a gold tone, emulates metal plates held together with studs. The set transmits a sensation of an impassable, confidential and strong place.


Perfumer Marine Ipert has orchestrated an ambery aromatic fougère fragrance that plays with fresh spices, violet leaves and rhubarb to create an essence that is both powerful and refreshing.






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