The latest cosmetic launches so you can find the best face cream we analyze

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Answering the question of which is the best facial cream is not an easy task, especially since there can be as many recommendations as there are skin types and needs. But we pave the way for you to find your ideal cream among some of the latest novelties that have just arrived at the perfumery . Take note because we are sure that you will be surprised by the new cosmetic formulas.

We analyze the latest launches of cosmetic treatments so that you can find the best face cream to meet the needs of your skin

For more than 60 years…

If you are already 60 years old, the new Nutri Lumière Revive cream from Clarins is for you as it focuses on recovering the lost luminosity of mature skin. Forget about that opaque and sallow tone that subtracts freshness from your face.

How is your formula?

Clarins scientists have discovered that persimmon slows down the effects of glycation (responsible for accelerating skin aging processes) and helps keep skin supple, healthy and luminous.

The Nutri Lumière Revive formula also contains 8 bi- o plant extracts with beneficial properties for the skin: aescin, wakame algae, harungana, oat sugars, kalanchoe and the brand’s Antipollution Complex, are some of them.

If you need hydration

Hydration is a fundamental need of the skin and Shiseido answers it in its latest Essential Energy launch , which consists of two creams that hydrate and strengthen the epidermis:

Essential Energy Hydrating Cream : has a cream-gel area texture. It is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones. It is applied in the morning and at night.

Essential Energy Hydrating Day Cream : light and refreshing formula with SPF 20. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones. It is applied in the morning and at night.

How is your formula?
The new Hyaluronic Acid RED technology combines three types of high-performance hyaluronic acid with ginseng root extract from The Lifeblood and a botanical complex that enhances the effectiveness of the formula, deeply moisturizing the skin and preventing its deterioration.

more firmness

The new Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Lift & Firm treatments contain five times more ceramides to repair and restore the complexion.

Advanced Ceramide Lift & Firm Day with a classic cream texture.
Advanced Ceramide Lift & Firm Night with a rich emulsion texture.
Advanced Ceramide Lift & Firm Day with a cremigel texture.

How is your formula?
These creams are formulated with tetrapeptide ceramides and Edelweiss extract that exert a triple action on the skin: they hydrate, enhance firmness, strengthen the skin barrier and tone.

If you want to erase the signs of tiredness on your face…

Exhaustion results in dull, uneven-textured skin. To avoid its effects on the skin, Clarins presents a treatment trio with which to once again reveal the luminosity on the face.

Triple treatment:

• Baume Beauté Eclair : attenuates signs of fatigue and awakens radiance with a formula made up of 96% ingredients of natural origin.
• Peeling Beauté Eclair : chemical exfoliant (glycolic acid + salicylic acid) that accelerates skin regeneration and restores luminosity and flexibility to the skin.
• Roller Resculptant Eclair : Inspired by the Chinese Gua Sha massage technique, it stimulates the skin by activating microcirculation. Clarins complements cosmetic treatments with a massage roller that instantly drains and relaxes the face, toning and resculpting it.

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