What Is Ultherapy and Why Do People Get It Done?

What Is Ultherapy

What Is Ultherapy

Are you starting to see some signs of sagging skin on your face? Perhaps you are starting to see wrinkles that were never there before. Maybe it’s a loss of volume in your face that is making you feel more aware of the aging process. While it’s impossible to stop time and prevent the aging process, there are certain treatments and procedures you can do that will lessen the visible signs and effects. This is exactly what ultherapy is meant to do, giving people a non-surgical approach to fighting the signs of aging.

Not sure what ultherapy is and why people get it done? Let’s examine it closely to see if it would be a good option for you.

Defining Ultherapy

It’s important to first discuss what ultherapy is and how it’s done. As mentioned, this is a non-surgical procedure, which means it’s also non-invasive. It is meant to lift the skin on such regions as the upper chest, brown, chin and neck. During the procedure, focused pulses of heat are used in the areas of concern, and this light works to diminish the look of wrinkles and fine lines. Your body’s collagen production is jump-started by the light pulses, which is why you get those lifted results. What makes this treatment interesting is that results continue to form even after your treatment, since your collagen production will continue to stay in high gear. It’s a good idea to visit a reputable skin treatment office such as Salas to discuss what’s involved in the ultherapy treatment and why you may be a good candidate.

Results are Gradual Rather than Jarring 

In general, most patients start to see results at 8-12 weeks, but it’s important to note that small results will start to happen much sooner. Results are gradual too, which means it will appear more natural. The good news is that this treatment is almost completely painless and there is no recovery time needed. The treatment itself usually takes 5-20 minutes, making it very easy to fit into your schedule.

Target Multiple Areas at Once

Another huge benefit is that this treatment can target several areas at once. You don’t have to stick to one spot only. This increases your results and will give you an all-over refreshed look. Go ahead and target your chin, neck and chest all at the same time.

Results are Long Lasting

But how long will the results last? In general, you can expect the results to hang around for about two years before you need to consider getting another treatment.

There Are No Complications or Risks to Worry About

Another reason people choose ultherapy over a traditional facelift or a surgical procedure is that it is a safe alternative. Because there is no surgery involved, you won’t be at risk of complications and other potential issues.

So, if you want to refresh your look but don’t like the idea of an invasive surgical procedure, then you may want to look into ultherapy as a great option.

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