Confinement: you can enjoy being at home and being alone


In this period of confinement we are learning many things about ourselves. One of the most important: we should not be afraid to live without a partner or to not have thousands of plans.

This coronavirus crisis is fraught with uncertainty but, paradoxically, it also helps us discover things about ourselves. During these weeks we have learned important things like that there is no reason to be terrified of free time and that you can enjoy solitude a lot.

People kept making plans and filling their agenda with activities for fear of emptiness, for fear of finding themselves, for fear of feeling alone.

During these days we are discovering what we like, we are reconnecting with ourselves.

This discovery is very important: we now have the certainty that, in fact, we are able to spend a lot of time alone and that, in addition, doing so opens the doors for us to do other things that give us pleasure.


During this quarantine we have realized that there are many things that cause us pleasure, in addition to love. Each of us is connecting with her old passions or discovering new ones.

  • Dance, sing, read and write, compose music or learn to play an instrument.
  • Talk in depth and without haste with friends.
  • Caring for plants and growing food or studying the life of animals.
  • Collect objects, study new disciplines, visit virtual museums, learn astronomy, programming or a new language.
  • Practice social and political activism , create networks of solidarity and mutual support.
  • Learn crafts, draw and design new things, make clothes or furniture or learn DIY.
  • Meditate, practice Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi or play sports.


The rhythm of life that we lived before confinement did not allow us to find the space to dedicate ourselves to pleasure and to connect with ourselves. Take advantage of the moment, space and time you have now to connect with your passions. The more time we have to dedicate ourselves to what we like the most, the better we feel:

  • Passions help us a lot to disconnect from reality, to focus on one thing, to grow and obtain pleasure. They make us feel good. This helps us a lot to keep our spirits up, to get to know each other better and to learn to enjoy our own company.
  • Passions make us more autonomous, change our perception of the passage of time and allow us to savor solitude. At the same time, it makes it easier for us to connect with unknown people with whom we share the same passions and we feel that we belong to a community of diverse people who interact united by the passions.

Once we learn to enjoy ourselves, it becomes easier for us to enjoy others.

  • Having our own passions allows us to overcome emotional dependency in our relationships and helps us manage our fear of loneliness: we are proving that to be well we need to be well with ourselves above all else.
  • Our passions connect us with pleasure and, the greater the pleasure we feel, the more quality of life, physical, mental and emotional health we have.

Quality of life has to do with our well-being at all levels. If today it is so difficult to live well, it is mainly due to the lack of time, energy and income to enjoy life. Let’s learn this lesson that this experience is giving us to make a necessary step to be well.

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