Paying attention to our symptoms and relationship with nature shows us the way to naturally regain balance and health.

When we get sick or are in pain we want someone to heal us or take away the pain and unpleasant symptoms as soon as possible. Rarely have we been taught that some of our symptoms are the body’s best remedy for restoring balance . In fact, in most cases it tends to spontaneously regain health.

And is that each of us is unique. We are made up of immune, genetic, endocrine, thermoregulatory and behavioral systems that express that unity. But at the same time we are linked to the environment and our relationship with it influences the entire system.


The responsiveness of our body depends on the care we provide, rest, water, air, diet or attitudes towards illness. However, the climate, what we eat, the air we breathe, the microbes that surround us , are also part of that balance.

Many mechanisms of body rebalancing are known : the mother’s breast adapting to the needs of the child, adaptation to effort, height or temperature, the ability to seal a bone fracture, to respond to an infection …

Knowing signs and symptoms that a person presents, their biology, physiology, the action of plants and medications … helps doctors to be more effective; But knowing the mechanisms of the body and understanding the side effects of the medication can make one or the other take an attitude towards the sick person.


This thought has existed in most medical traditions. The Greeks called these mechanisms of the body the vis naturae medicatrix , the healing power of nature. Today this healing power, that capacity of the organism to self-regulate and regain health, is analyzed in medicine from many points of view and its physiology is probably better known than ever, but it is still a little-known and sometimes poorly understood idea .

Claude Bernard , in his book Application of the scientific method in medicine , maintains that the body works as a whole , but precisely its method has ended up serving to study the human being by parts: cells, organs, apparatus, systems.

WB Cannon , for his part, defined homeostasis or power of self-regulation as “the tendency of the internal environment to balance independently of the exterior”. Today we know the importance of the external environment .

It is not a matter of trusting in a magical and unknown vision medicatrix , but of trusting what we know and trying to discover or learn what we do not know and act with humility and respect before the patient.


  • At the base of good therapy there must be techniques that help self-regulatory mechanisms and all those habits and attitudes that improve the body’s ability to respond to disease.
  • When comparing placebo to a drug , one must think that self-healing ability, coupled with confidence in placebo, good diagnosis and care, can be difficult to overcome by any drug.

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