How to achieve a wet effect hairstyle and the necessary products for it

hair gels

Gels, hair gels and fixatives that promote hair with a wet effect on all types of hair

The wet look or wet effect hairstyle is a hair trend that consists of simulating the appearance of hair as soon as you get out of the shower. It is a very flattering hairstyle, which leaves the face uncluttered, and which adapts to both glamorous events and other more informal situations in which you want to go for different hair than the one you usually wear. Polished pigtails, long and loose hair, fixed half-length hair, short hair tied behind the ears… Any proposal can be transformed in this way by applying hair gels, gels and fixatives that achieve that wet effect on the hair.

To do this, simply apply a fixative gel combing the hair according to our preference and then give it shine with hair gels or gels. The hair, previously, must be dry and smooth if that is the finish we want to achieve. The gel can be applied with your hands and the excess shine can be removed with a comb, carefully marking the parting area. Afterwards, the “wet” part can be touched up depending on whether you want to achieve a more or less marked effect. Once we have finished, we can reapply a fixing spray so that the hairstyle stays intact for longer.

Now that the good weather is here and you may want to try a hairstyle of this type at home, at beautyremind we have compiled seven unisex products that adapt to different pockets and that can be obtained in online stores .

Taft wet effect gel, Schwarzkopf

A perfect product to achieve shiny hair with a wet effect but without leaving a greasy or sticky feeling. It is marketed in a 300-milliliter bottle, it is suitable for all types of hair and manages to fix the hair gently or provide the desired texture without causing unwanted residue.

Styling Gel, Wella Professionals

“Very good fixative for short hair,” says one of the people who has reviewed this hair product on Amazon. “Gummy, flexible and good fixation. I’ve been using it for years. It does not damage the hair and it is removed very well when washing”. It is a Wella Professionals styling product that adds shine without sacrificing a natural look.

Light hold gel without cardboard effect

A proposal from the Devacurl brand for people with wavy or curly hair. It is a product, in whose formulation hairdressers and dermatologists have participated, that offers a natural definition without a stiff effect. It doesn’t leave curls sticky and helps tame frizz while amplifying shine and bounce.

XXL wet effect gel, Giorgi

A classic brand in the setting products sector, Giorgi, signs this specific gel for wet effect. Thanks to its Oxygen technology, it can be used frequently, as it allows oxygen around the hair and it looks healthier. It is a dermatologically tested product and, when applied, a long-lasting shiny finish is achieved (up to 48 hours).

Natural fixation/wet effect gel, Nirve

A high-quality, unisex product that comes in a bottle with an applicator to make it even easier to apply. This brand, for professional use, achieves with this gel a long-lasting wet effect hair, but without drying out the hair. It is suitable for all hair types and its formula also contains active ingredients that moisturize and condition the hair.

Wet effect gel, Garnier Fructis

Fructis Wet Shine is formulated with bamboo extract and is a gel that helps to easily achieve at home an effect on the hair as if it had just come out of the shower. In addition, thanks to its anti-evaporation technology, it achieves a finish that does not dry out and lasts extra long.

Light hold styling cream, Acqua Di Parma

In the Sephora online store we can also find this long-lasting styling cream that also reduces frizz. If desired, it can be used daily and is suitable for both short and long hair. It does not weigh hair down and, thanks to its light finish, allows for a wide variety of possibilities.


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