This Hair Wax Stick Helps Control Stubborn Hairs


In a single pass, without greasing the hair and perfect for touching up your hairstyle anytime, anywhere

No more messy buns and updos. This season’s trend, which is going to star in the most successful hairstyles at weddings and summer events, is to wear well-polished bows and pigtails and neatly combed. Celebrities like RosalĂ­a , Bella Hadid or Jennifer Lopez are the best representatives of this hair style and have left us some very good examples to imitate.
However, and taking into account that most of us mortals do not have the expert hands of their stylists and hairdressers, we have taken it upon ourselves to find a good allied product to achieve the desired effect and control the most rebellious hair in any type of updo.

what we want to do

It is a stick of hair wax that you can apply directly to your hairstyle and that helps to control and fix those hairs and strands that can be loose or that are not perfectly secured with rubber bands and bobby pins. According to countless users who have tried it: it does not leave product accumulated on the hair, it achieves a soft and flexible finish and a semi-matte effect that does not make the hair look dirty or sweaty, quite the opposite. And it is that being a stick, it facilitates the application task and avoids lumps and excesses that are easy to generate with a foam or wax to use.

Of course, we have not been the first to sign this successful product, but it has already come a long way on TikTok and has accumulated more than three million views on the social network, where countless prescribers show how to use it and what fans they are. of this Tigi brand wax. They show that it is, in addition, a magnificent solution for those hair that curls with humidity on summer days.

How to apply it like a pro

1. Untangle your hair with the help of an anti-pulling brush.

2. Pick it up however you like: in a bun, high or low ponytail, two pigtails…

3. Try to make the updo tight and fasten with rubber bands and strong hairpins.

4. Apply the stick wax from the hairline and in the direction you want to comb it. Just one pass on each strand.

5. Help yourself with a special brush for baby hairs and rebellious hairs and get a ten result.

special brushes for collected

These styling brushes created for professional hairdressers manage to tame all the strands and loose hairs and help them stay fixed in the rest of the hair. Available on AliExpress for only 2.48 euros.

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