6 Effective foods to fight flu and colds


Pills are not required. Flu and common colds can be improved without side effects with these “medicine foods.”

rich in raw vegetables  strengthens the immune system  and prevents colds and flu. In particular, these foods are the best talisman against pathogens.

1. Garlic: The traditional remedy

Garlic zinc fights viruses and other active substances increases the body’s production of interferon . Take 1-2 raw cloves in the salad or with bread and oil.

2. Ginger: It’s prevents and relieves

The ginger reduces fever, a stuffy nose and muscle aches associated with the flu.Make the infusion with 10 g of the fresh root, sliced skinless, for 8 minutes.

3. Lemons: multiply defensive efficiency

Lemon flavonones multiply the activity of vitamin C by 200 and increase the number of defensive cells. 

Add a splash to green tea or ginger tea.

4. Green tea: Antioxidant and antiviral

Among other active ingredients in green tea is  theoflavin with antiviral effect .Drink a minimum of 3 cups a day (without sugar or milk).

5. Soy yogurt: Defenses in top form

The lactobacilli in yogurts, soy or others, stimulate immunity. They can prevent the cold or shorten its duration by 2 days , in addition to reducing the intensity of the symptoms. If you take them as a supplement, check that it contains more than a billion live bacteria.

Include other fermented in your diet to increase your endurancell.

6. Thyme: The plant of first resource

Its essential oil is very effective against viruses and bacteria. You can take it as an infusion or inhale the essential oil vapors at the first discomfort of the cold or flu. 

The mint and elderberry combine well in infusion in equal parts with thyme.

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