9 Amazing Tips For Glowing, Radiant Skin

radiant skin

If you want to have radiant skin, you have to be consistent with your beauty routine. It is also important to lead a healthy life, get enough sleep, avoid stress, do some exercise, and eat a balanced and varied diet. All these factors, together with the use of products adapted for your skin, will help you show off your best face. We leave you 9 beauty tips that, even if you know them, it is worth remembering from time to time.

9 Beauty Tips For Glowing, Radiant Skin

1.Cleanses the skin every night and every morning: The cleaning is the most important step beauty routine, if the skin is not clean, you will not get that is radiant and beautiful. At night, if you put on makeup, I recommend doing the double cleaning, with an oil-based product to remove the remains of cosmetics, and another water-based product. In the morning, you can do a faster cleaning, with a micellar water, if you are in a hurry, but do not forget about it.

2. The tonic, fundamental: The toner is always important, but especially for sensitive skin. With it we will be able to balance the pH and avoid that uncomfortable feeling of tightness that many people suffer after cleaning. I advise applying it in touches, even with your fingers. Leave it for a few seconds and continue with the usual treatment. Here you can see some tonics that we sell in the pharmacy . 

3. Use a specific product for the eye contour: The skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive, and that is why I recommend a specific treatment for this area from the age of 25-30. It must be used morning and night and is applied gently with the ring finger to stimulate microcirculation in this area.

4. Choose a serum for your skin type or need: The serum is not a mandatory product, it can be dispensed with, and it certainly never replaces the cream. But if you want to give your skin the best, it is totally recommended. There are many types of facial serums , so I advise being clear about what we are looking for with this product. If you want to protect your skin from free radicals, you will need to use a vitamin C serum in the morning. If your skin is dry and you want to strengthen the skin barrier, add a hydrating serum. If you have flaccidity, there are serums with a lifting effect. For stains, a depigmenting agent. For oily or combination skin prone to acne, a sebum-regulating serum, etc.

5. Hydrate your skin daily: The hydration is the step that will help you have a healthy and radiant skin thus, beautiful, bright. In addition, hydration helps prevent skin aging, especially the appearance of wrinkles . You have to choose a cream that is suitable for your skin, so that it does not cause shine throughout the day or you do not notice uncomfortable skin over the hours. There are a lot of moisturizing creams, and also some offer a plus, for example, they have sun filters, which in winter, are enough (if they are SFP 30) to protect you from UVA / UVB rays, or they are colored and help you look good face in one step.

6. Protect yourself from the sun’s rays: If you do not choose a moisturizer with sun protection, you will have to use a separate protector. Sun protection is mandatory all year round, logically we have to adapt it to the season, and to each one’s personal situation. Working abroad is not the same as working in an office. But, in any case, you have to protect yourself from the sun, which is responsible for 80% of skin aging and because, in addition, there are more and more studies that support the damage of blue light, which is emitted by computers, smartphones, etc.

7. Pamper your skin at night: While we sleep, the cells work, regenerating the skin. That is why it is important, in addition to cleaning the face, to use specific treatments at night . The most important thing is to detect the problem that worries us the most (spots, acne, rosacea, wrinkles, flaccidity…), and look for the best treatment (retinoid, glycolic, AHA…).

8. A day of special care: The masks and exfoliants are extras care products, although not essential, you will help your skin look much better. Set aside one day a week (minimum) to apply a scrub and mask. For me it is a moment that I associate with well-being, both physical and mental. They are a few minutes in which I disconnect, I focus on my skin, on taking care of it and relaxing.

9. Ask for help choosing your beauty routine: The market is flooded with beauty brands, natural cosmetics, dermocosmetics. How to choose the best one for your skin? Let yourself be advised by an expert. If you have a significant problem such as acne, dermatitis, go to a dermatologist. If you don’t have any serious problems, stop by a pharmacy, and we’ll help you find your best routine.

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