An Ayurvedic approach to Treat Dry Skin


A smooth, shining, and flawless skin is a dream of any person in the world. But things don’t always happen the way one wishes for. And when it comes to having smooth and radiant skin it holds a hundred percent true. Only a few in the wide population have a sculpted skin that is spotless while the remaining are in search of products or carrying out trial and errors on their skin. One such problem that wreaks havoc among many is dry skin. Dry skin strips one of the radiant glow and the young look instilling weary and dull skin. With many bearing the agony of dry skin, the search for the right product is a never-ending tale. Recently the ayurvedic creams for dry skin, a reincarnation of ancient ingredients have proven to show promising results for people with dry skin. Let us take a deep dive into dry skin to understand it better.

Defining dry skin

Dry skin or in medical terms xerosis is a common condition with various causes. Dry skin is an uncomfortable skin condition that is marked by scaling, itching, and cracking. It is usually characterized by lack of moisture in the superficial layer of the skin that is the epidermis. It is a common thing that can be observed in both men and women equally especially when they are aging.

How does dry skin feel?

Having dry skin is one of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world. Ok if you have experienced it you would know what I’m talking about. Rough, scaly, and grayish skin is a common characteristic of dry skin. If you have extremely dry skin you literally don’t need a notepad instead you can note a number on your hands. That was just for fun, don’t do that but your skin becomes so dry that there is no space for the word glow.

The itchiness of dry skin shoots up right after you shower, bathe or swim. And when you start scratching the skin it gets worse as redness and lines start getting intense. In extreme cases it might start bleeding, don’t get all hysteric; it is only during peak conditions. But what are the causes of dry skin? Let us shift our focus to that.

A glimpse of causes of dry skin

Diverse reasons can result in dry skin. For some, their skin is naturally dry because of the genetic makeup while for some it is just a guest during winters. Certain fungal infections can also cause dry skin. With so many causes in the list environmental and lifestyle factors take the top spot. Below is a lineup of few dry skin causes.

Weather: Winter is the coziest climate of the year but it comes at a cost; dry skin. Winter and dry skin is an inseparable couple that poses a challenge for many. When the humidity levels plummet, the skin is deprived of moisture and becomes dry.

Use ayurvedic creams for dry skin to moisturize and cover up well to prevent excessive loss of water.

Other causes also include water, hot showers, lack of hydration, aging, etc.

Ayurvedic explanation of the cause

According to ayurvedic experts, the accumulation of Vata is said to be a prominent cause for dry skin usually in people above 50. The out of balance in Vata energy dries out skin, hair, and makes fingernails brittle. Ayurveda also outlines various remedies like the use of ayurvedic cream as a dry skin treatment. Eager to know about that then read on to know some promising facts.

Caring for dry skin with Ayurveda

Our grandparents are examples of the true magic of Ayurveda. Their skin is not as damaging as that of the people of the modern era. If you are on a constant search for the right products for dry skin put a full stop to that with ayurvedic remedy.

1. Ayurvedic virgin coconut oil: compared to normal coconut oil ayurvedic virgin oil is rich in antioxidants and emollient properties. Applying virgin oil daily right after shower traps the moisture and prevents itching and formation of scales.

2. Abhyanga: is another approach to treat Vata accumulation that leads to dry skin.

  • Start by cleansing the skin using a mild and gentle face cleanser with ingredients like sandalwood or neem and be mindful about over-drying and over-exfoliating.
  • Then moisturize using an ayurvedic cream for dry skin that is rich in refreshing ingredients like aloe Vera
  • To nourish your body make body oil by mixing 1 ounce of almond oil with 10 drops of essential oil appropriate for your skin. 
  • Warm your bottle of oil in hot water for a few minutes, and then prepare an abhyanga. Start by pouring some oil on your palm and massaging your scalp, the tops and bottoms of your feet, and the rest of your body, including your abdomen and spine. 
  • Massage your joints and scalp with long repetitive strokes and circular motions. 
  • This is a self-massage ritual of nourishment to all of the tissues and at the same time, it is relaxing to your mind and senses.

3. Another important treatment to prevent dry skin is in your hands. Adapt some lifestyle changes to get rid of dry skin.

  • Drink plenty of water: this is one of the most important on which many people fall short. Water is a natural cleanser that detoxifies from within the body. Drinking a determined amount of water daily keeps your body hydrated and as a result, the skin will remain hydrated and smooth.
  • Have nutritious food and maintain a balanced diet
  • Inculcate the use of essential oils
  • Avoid having food that is too oily
  • Stop using harsh products
  • Adjust the shower temperature and avoid taking super-hot showers

 4. Treating dry skin on face: the same principles apply to treat dry skin on the face; cleanse, moisturize, massage, hydrate. When it comes to treating the face you have to be more careful about choosing a product as a face is a skin more sensitive than other parts.

5. Don’t do these if you have dry skin

  • Avoid products that contain glycolic acids
  • Don’t over-exfoliate your skin
  • Don’t wash your skin too often which my strip of skin’s essential nutrients
  • Don’t leave your skin open after washing your face without applying a moisturizer.

Final takeaway

Preventing dry skin and getting a gleaming skin is in your hands. Even if you have naturally dry skin the skincare routines and lifestyle habits will determine the severity of dryness. Handling healthy practices and using natural and skin-friendly products like Ayurvedic cream for dry skin will keep dryness at bay. Winter dryness is something beyond stopping but you can control it with the best products.

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