What Do Body Shapers Actually Do?

body shapers

Body shapers, which are also known as shape wear, are an easy way of looking slim and trim in varied attires you dress up in for any occasion. When one is faced with the issue of weight loss, there is no single solution. One’s body weight is a combination of various factors such as diet, activity level, metabolism and mentality.

A body shaper will not get the excess fat to vanish all of a sudden, but it does help in building a healthier reputation and lifestyle to accompany your weight loss program. A body shaper will move fat into such areas where the muscle is compressed. In other words, the fat is moved to such areas where it can be better accommodated instead of just ending up inflating your midsection. Body shapers do what women have always wanted them to do – moving fat into more desirable places. Additionally, if worn correctly, body shapers will also help to develop the correct posture so that women achieve that hour glass look. Let us see how these factors work together in tandem.

Body Shapers and Your Mind-set

By wearing body shapers you are telling your mind to respect your body. A garment like a panty shaper or a waist trainer can help in better fitting of apparel while ridding your body of trouble spots. This ends up improving confidence, posture and body image.

Besides, you are more likely to stick to healthier habits when you feel good about yourself. It has been famously said that it is not important to be at an ideal weight to feel good but it is important for you to feel good in order to achieve that ideal weight. When you develop respect for your own body, you are more likely to stick to a balanced diet, regularly exercise, sleep sufficiently and manage stress in a better way.

When you see your own slimmer self in the mirror, the stronger will your desire get to achieve your ideal weight. Rather than having a certain figure of a supermodel in mind, you can just look into the mirror and admire your own personal potential regardless of your shape and size at present.

Body Shapers and Healthy Eating

Who can get you to eat healthily apart from you? But regardless of your own eating regimen, there are certain types of shape wear that can help you make wiser decisions with regards to your diet. Apart from improving the mindset, tight shape wear such as waist trainers keep your abdomen sufficiently suppressed to encourage you to eat smaller portions. Because of the compression, your digestive tract has very less space to expand making it difficult for you to eat bigger meals.

By smaller meals, we certainly don’t intend to advise you to go hungry and achieve the ideal weight. It’s just that a waist training corset can help you control the portions you consume at a time. Your objective should be 5-6 small meals a day than 3 large ones. This will make you feel sufficiently satisfied and energized without consuming surplus calories and putting too much stress on your digestive system.

Though wearing body shapers shouldn’t be considered a license to keep eating snacks continuously or eat anything that comes to your mind. Always stick to whole foods and stay away from processed sugars as in drinks.

Also, wearing body shapers is not an alternative to consulting a nutritionist if you want to try an elimination diet as a long term strategy. It is important that you do consult one while you continue to use body shapers. Without consulting a nutritionist, you may miss out on consuming important nutrients or become a victim of weight loss/weight gain without any certainty.

Body Shapers and Exercise

Using the right body shaper can bolster your exercise routine, which can help you reduce your weight. Compression shape wears can make you comfortable and unconstrained during workouts, thereby leading to the best outcome possible. Certain styles of garments also tend to make your workouts more prolific so that you get the best results in relation to the time you spend at the gym.

Garments like the Workout Waist Trainer provide several advantages when you are exercising. Firstly, they decrease the waist size and trim your figure, which is itself a confidence booster for many women. When you are confident about your appearance, the more excited you are about working out at the gym.

Workout waist trainers also enhance thermal activity and sweating to increase the intensity of your workout. You will actually be able to feel that the time spent at the gym is showing results when you perspire more intensely.

If you want to get maximum benefit of wearing a waist trainer during workouts, then it’s worthwhile to do a combination of cardio and strength training exercises five days a week.


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