3 Carrot remedies to deal with diarrhea

carrot remedies for diarrhea

Are you suffering from diarrhea? Do you suffer from it frequently? So these 3 carrot remedies can be the solution for your problems.

The carrot is a vegetable very rich in beta-carotene that is recommended to include as much as possible in meals. However, what few know is that it also helps treat diarrhea. Today you will discover 3 carrot remedies that will allow you to feel much better.

One of the great reasons carrot remedies are recommended for diarrhea is because it is astringent. This is stated in the article Beliefs and knowledge of a group of doctors on managing the diet of children with acute diarrhea .

For this reason, carrot remedies are an excellent natural option for both children and adults to cope with diarrhea. Let’s see some options to increase your consumption when we suffer from this condition.

Carrot remedies for diarrhea

Diarrhea is one of the most frequent intestinal disorders , as pointed out in the article Acute diarrhea . This causes very painful colic and a constant need to go to the bathroom, which can affect us a lot if we have to go to work or attend an event.

carrot remedies for diarrhea
“Diarrhea is accompanied by abdominal discomfort and dehydration. Carrot remedies help minimize these symptoms.

So, next, we are going to present 3 astringent carrot remedies that will allow us to reduce diarrhea and feel much better as soon as possible. Each of them will adapt to our circumstances.

1. Raw carrot

Raw carrot is an excellent remedy for treating diarrhea . Especially if we have to go to work or be away from home. We can carry a carrot in the bag or in a tupper without any problem. Although it is better to consider the following:

  • Carry the peeled carrot: this way we will avoid the hassle of having to do it.
  • Cut it into sticks: a comfortable option to consume the carrot outside the home.
  • If we eat away from home, we can bring a small tupper with some salad and raw carrot. In addition, other foods that also have an astringent action are rice and chicken . Do not hesitate to accompany them with our carrot.

2. Carrot soup

Carrot soup is an excellent way to combat diarrhea , while eating a hot dish that will do us good because of the discomfort caused by this intestinal condition . Let’s see how to prepare it.


  • 8 carrots.
  • 2 onions.
  • 3 garlics.
  • 1 liter of broth.
  • Olive oil.
  • Salt.
  • Chive.


  • We put a casserole on the fire and add a stream of olive oil.
  • Add the chopped onions and the garlic cloves.
  • Let’s not forget to add the carrots, too, chopped.
  • We leave them on the fire 10 minutes before adding the broth.
  • We keep food on the fire for 20 minutes.
  • After this time, we remove the garlic (if we want) and crush everything.
  • To finish, add the chives and consume the soup very hot.
  • Carrot remedies help cut diarrhea
“Carrot soup is one of the natural remedies that help fight diarrhea. Its consumption helps to superimpose liquids and minerals.

3. Carrot juice

If we are in the middle of summer and soup is not one of the carrot remedies that we most want to take, we can choose to make a juice . Also, let’s not forget the first option. Very comfortable in hot weather.

To make the carrot juice we just have to have a blender in which we will add 5 chopped carrots and half a liter of water. If we wish, we can also add a little honey so that the juice has a much sweeter and richer flavor .

We can add more quantity of the water that we have established if we want the juice to be more watery. There are people who like it thicker. Likewise, a fruit can be added to the juice, such as an apple that contains, like the carrot, astringent properties.

Recommendations to consider

It is important that we consume these carrot remedies before opting for another option. For example, drugs or other less natural alternatives. However, if the diarrhea does not improve, we should not hesitate to see a doctor immediately .

Remember that diarrhea dehydrates. That is why, in addition to the carrot remedies that we have discussed, it is important that we always have a bottle of water on hand . If this condition lasts more than two or three days, an appointment with the doctor should be made.

Have you ever used carrot to treat your diarrhea? Did you know that it had astringent properties? In this article we have revealed other foods that also have them. So use this that you now know to your advantage.

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