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remove dead skin

The accumulation of dead skin causes the complexion to lose its freshness and appear dull. Likewise, it can cause capillary problems or facilitate the formation of calluses on the hands, feet or elbows.

How to remove dead skin?

Dead skin does not shed on its own, and therefore gradually accumulates. This could cause cosmetic problems and also affect skin health. That is why it is important to remove those superficial layers of the skin on a regular basis.

Accumulated dead skin causes a thickened appearance and lack of shine and vitality in the complexion. Likewise, it leads to more noticeable imperfections and wrinkles. Problems like acne or ingrown hairs become difficult to treat in these conditions.

The best way to remove dead skin is by deep cleaning on a regular basis. This is achieved with industrial products or specialized aesthetic procedures, but also with homemade measures. These manage to eliminate impurities and access to a healthier appearance on the skin.

Dead skin

The cells of the skin are constantly being renewed, especially those that are just below the epidermis, which is the most superficial layer of this organ. This renewal process is completed naturally in approximately 30 days.

However, not all dead skin comes off naturally with daily cleansing . If a deep cleaning is not carried out, dead cells accumulate, clogging the pores or generating calluses. Hair loss is also accelerated.

By doing a deep cleaning or exfoliation, the remnants of dead skin are removed. In this way, living cells come to the surface, renewing the appearance of the skin and avoiding dermatological problems.

skin care1
Proper skin care involves removing dead cells that build up

Exfoliation of the face

There are several ways to exfoliate your face. The most important thing to take into account is the type of skin, and to know it, it is best to consult with the dermatologist. Especially in case of having a skin problem.

In general terms, the methods to choose to remove dead skin from the face are the following:

  • Facial cleaning brush: it is a device for home use that is found in stores. It allows a deep cleaning and is usually suitable for all skin types.
  • Chemical exfoliation: there are very effective chemical exfoliants to cleanse the skin in depth. There are also tonics that fulfill the same function. They are industrial products that, in general, do not cause any damage.
  • Natural masks: there is a large repertoire of natural masks to exfoliate the skin of the face. Some of them are with carrot and coconut, oatmeal and yogurt, almonds, coffee, brown sugar, green tea, manuka honey and activated charcoal.

Remove dead skin from the body and scalp

There are those who make the mistake of believing that they should only exfoliate the skin of the face , when it is not like that. The entire skin is undergoing the same renewal process every month and, therefore, it is appropriate to do a deep cleaning throughout the body.

The skin of the body is usually more resistant than that of the face. It is advisable to make a mask with a product with a sandy texture, such as sugar, salt, bicarbonate or coffee. They can be combined with lemon, olive oil, water and oatmeal, as well as with almond oil. It is best to apply it on damp skin, with the help of an exfoliation glove.

To exfoliate the scalp, a mask made with aloevera crystals mixed with sugar is highly recommended. A smooth paste should be made and a circular massage done throughout the head, before applying the shampoo.

face masks1 - remove dead skin
The use of masks is safe, without adverse effects, if minimal precautionary measures are taken

Exfoliate the feet

The feet are one of the areas of the body that accumulate the most dead skin , and therefore require special treatment. The presence of corns is a sign that a large amount of debris has accumulated.

Pumice stone is still an effective remedy in these cases, after soaking your feet for 10 minutes in warm water. For greater effectiveness, Epsom salt can be added to the water and left there for 20 minutes.

Epsom salt can also be used with olive oil to nourish the skin. Likewise, you can make a paste with oats and rose water and apply it for 20 or 30 minutes.

Remove dead skin as a routine

If we develop a suitable routine, we will always have a daily schedule available for a small exfoliation. This will help the natural process of skin cell renewal. Our complexion will appear brighter, and the microbiome of the skin will enjoy greater vitality.

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