The best combs to detangle hair without pulling


Five proposals with wide bristles that guarantee an anti-frizz effect and prevent hair breakage

For both curly hair and straight hair, wide-toothed combs are the star and infallible option for untangling, avoiding unpleasant pulling, breakage or even the frizz effect. In addition, they reduce split ends, some models have natural oils that act on the scalp repairing it and are very easy to handle, thanks to their compact and lightweight designs, something very practical to take them on a trip with ease.

In this selection you can find some of the best anti-tangle and wide-toothed combs available on Amazon, sold at affordable prices and made with resistant materials, so that they can be used with the dryer or with hair straighteners in complete safety.

Detangling comb for curly hair by Beter

This fluffing comb is perfect for daily detangling and styling of curly hair or afro hair. Its handle is easy to handle, with a comfortable grip and the comb has a double-toothed design. It has been made from high quality hard plastic, in a sophisticated and beautiful aqua green colour.

With hanging hole

It is an ideal anti-tangle comb to take on a trip, since it takes up very little space, and at the same time its handle incorporates a perfect hole to hang it on a hook and always have it at hand.

LILY ENGLAND Anti-Tangle Brush and Comb Set, Two Colors

This set is a perfect option for untangling both straight and curly hair wax, without pulling and with total comfort, achieving soft and silky hair.

The package includes a wide-toothed comb and an anti-pull brush equipped with a total of 275 bristles, flexible and ergonomic, they guarantee less friction than traditional brushes and prevent hair breakage.


It is a multifunctional, versatile and very complete option, since it is sold in a savings pack format and, as they are different combs and brushes, they can be used for different hairstyles or needs. In addition, it can also be a perfect gift to surprise someone on a special day.

EQLEF Curly Hair Detangling Comb

The EQLEF wooden comb has been designed with 100% natural, high-quality and durable wood, with a highly polished and extra-smooth finish, which cares for the hair and protects it from breakage when combing it.

Thanks to its wide bristles, it is perfect for untangling curly hair, as it glides smoothly, without pulling and with a massage effect.


This wide-toothed comb allows you to eliminate the aesthetic electricity of the hair, thanks to its sandalwood construction, making it perfect for silky hair that is free of frizz.

URAQT Anti Tangle Comb Set

This is a carefully combined hairdressing set to detangle hair with ease, made up of three different types of combs: standard, wide-toothed comb with handle and another model without handle. They are suitable for both dry and damp hair and can effectively reduce breakage as well as pulling.

heat resistant materials

All the anti-tangle combs in this set are made of carbon fiber, which makes them lighter and also more resistant to heat, for worry-free use with a blow dryer or straightener.

Majestik+ anti-tangle comb

It is a light, flexible and very easy to handle anti-tangle comb, to achieve untangled, silky and well-groomed hair in a very short time. The purchase package includes a plastic bag that allows it to be protected and easily transported.

Infused with natural oils

This wide-toothed comb is infused with argan oil, so when used, it slowly releases the component, causing it to act on the scalp, restoring shine and eliminating frizz.

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