5 Routines and Rope Exercises to Lose Weight


There are a considerable number of weight loss options, but few are as effective as rope routines and exercises because they facilitate mobility, allow space to be used, and reduce the risk of injury. That is why we present you 5 ways.

Rope routines and exercises represent the best way to do cardio . In addition, they favor the toning of the legs, increase resistance, improve agility, optimize lung capacity and, above all, contribute to weight loss.

Ultimately, according to a study by Harvard Medical School , losing about 10 calories per minute jumping rope is a reality. For this reason, we recommend paying attention to the 3 exercises and 2 routines that we will show later, which could change your perception of how to deal with weight loss.

Factors that affect weight loss

Rope exercises for weight loss are helpful. However, we must consider the rest of the factors that affect the reduction of kilograms so that the body finds the ideal harmony and the results are sustainable over time.


A time for self – assessment of the difficulties that limit the good news from the scale, the power should be the first stop . And is that the consumption of foods and drinks with high levels of sugar, added to meals with excess fat, end up giving a hand to being overweight.


Lifestyle has a very important impact on weight loss problems, since work and obligations often take our days on automatic pilot. In this way, prolonged sitting or lying down will cause you to lose physical shape .

On the other hand, sleeping less than recommended (7 or 8 hours a day) has a direct relationship with higher food consumption and, therefore, weight gain.

Sports practice

Lack of sports is a component that is associated with obesity . In that sense, permanently moving away from this type of physical, competitive and recreational activity constitutes a point to which much attention must be paid if the objective is to recover the figure.


Genetics can make the path harder for each other in terms of reducing the percentage of fat in the body. And, according to the study of genetic loci that link the biology of adipose tissue with body fat, the predisposition to gain weight can run in the family .

“In genetics there is a key that influences weight loss or gain, according to recent studies.”

Basic rope exercises for weight loss

The basic exercises that we propose for jump rope will increase in intensity according to confidence. Among the three options proposed are the initial basic jump, the alternation of feet and the skipping .

1. Initial basic jump

The purpose of the initial basic jump is to get to know and diagnose the performance that the body can offer when jumping rope, so that we gradually overcome stages. To carry out this exercise you must do the following:

  • Position your feet in parallel and take shoulder distance for reference.
  • Begin jumping with both feet at a slow cadence and without tensing your legs.
  • Seeks that, when falling, the relaxation of the legs manages to absorb the impact so that the exercise is carried out naturally. This with the help of the metatarsals.
  • It generates a sustained rhythm that relates the jump and the fall so that they are not perceived as two isolated sequences.
  • Try the increase in pace that your body supports and evaluate the response.
  • 3 series are recommended that are between 50 and 100 jumps, keeping a rest of 30 seconds between series.

2 . Rope jumping with alternating feet

With the alternation of feet we increase the intensity, the rhythm and we shorten the times for our mission to lose weight. To achieve this, it is recommended to follow these steps:

  • Position your feet parallel, but closer in relation to shoulder distance.
  • Jump rope by alternating feet , just as if you were jogging at a moderate pace.
  • Pay special attention to the change of foot the moment the rope passes.
  • Pick up your pace in running form when you are about to finish the exercise.
  • Perform 3 sets of 1 minute, taking a 30 second break.

3. Skipping

If you have reached skipping , then you have already overcome both the initial basic jump and the jump rope with alternating feet. Thus, we suggest you continue the progress with the next sequence:

  • Stand with your feet at a distance that ensures sufficient stability.
  • Jump alternating feet, but this time raise your knees above the line that marks your waist .
  • Start with a medium speed and increase the skipping rate .
  • While doing the jumps you should have your torso upright and contract both your abdomen and buttocks .
  • The recommendation is to perform between 3 and 5 series of 1 minute. In turn, the rest will be variable, depending on the resistance that each person has.

Rope routines with other exercises

We want to lose weight and burn calories, that is why it is so important to give another dynamism to the exercises, knowing routines in which we can apply the jump rope along with different very useful and practical movements. The two routines that we will deal with will be the annie and the double under pyramid.

1. The annie

This routine is authored by Ben Smith and you will only need a rope, plus some training to support the rhythm he proposes. The sequence to be performed, alternating double rope jumps and Crossfit sit ups , is as follows:

  • 50 double jumps of rope.
  • 10 sit ups .
  • 40 double jumps of rope.
  • 20 sit ups .
  • 30 double jumps of rope.
  • 30 sit ups .
  • 20 double jumps of rope.
  • 40 sit ups .
  • 10 double jumps of rope.
  • 50 sit ups .

2. Double under pyramid

A demanding routine used by high performance athletes . It does not take many minutes, but the results are seen in a short time. Thus, it is required to combine double jump rope with burpees . The correct way to do it is as follows:

  • 5 double jumps of rope.
  • 3 burpees.
  • 10 double jumps of rope.
  • 3 burpees.
  • 15 double jumps of rope.
  • 3 burpees.
  • 20 double jumps of rope.
  • 3 burpees.
  • 25 double jumps of rope.
  • 3 burpees.

For beginners, set a short break in this section of the routine to be able to finish without undue fatigue.

  • 30 double jumps of rope.
  • 3 burpees.
  • 35 double jumps of rope.
  • 3 burpees.
  • 40 double jumps of rope.
  • 3 burpees.
  • 45 double jumps of rope.
  • 3 burpees.
  • 50 double jumps of rope.

The reverse sequence should be performed until reaching the 5 double jumps of rope , keeping the burpees interspersed. There is a modality of the routine for experienced people that penalizes with 5 push-ups the fact of losing a jump.

Avoid injury and pain in rope exercises

When setting a goal as important as losing weight and opting for impact exercises, overexerting yourself in the drive to accelerate results can lead to pain and injury. Fortunately, by taking three tips into consideration, you can steer yourself away from these problems considerably.

1. About heating

As an inexorable rule, before starting with the routines and rope exercises to lose weight, the warm-up must make an appearance . It is best to combine static and dynamic stretching so that conditioning is generalized and possible injuries are reduced to a minimum.

2. Physical discomfort

Skipping rope exercises should not be painful, annoying, or uncomfortable for the practitioner . Beyond the natural fatigue of an activity that has dynamism, the physical discomfort that may be felt is the symptom that exercise should be stopped immediately. This may be due to a bad execution technique.

3. Seek professional help

Not everyone is in a position to venture into rope routines and exercises to lose weight without the advice of professionals. In short, going to a specialist is the best solution before starting the training if the following conditions are present:

  • Heart problems.
  • Presence of any kidney disease.
  • Arthritis.
  • Some type of diabetes.
  • Previous cancer suffering.
  • Rope Weight Loss Routines and Exercises in Context
  • Rope weight loss routines and exercises should be understood as a fraction of other measures, such as diet, lifestyle, sports, and sleep.

One of the most relevant recommendations is to gradually burn out stages in rope exercises, because poor handling of routines could lead to an injury that delays the intention to lose kilos. Finally, don’t forget that losing body fat is not the end of the road, but rather a reminder not to lose progress.

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