Wrist Exercises – 3 stretches to relax the wrists


Stretching your forearms and wrists helps prevent pain and injury from using your computer and other technological devices.

The popularization of computer work generated a new type of injury, today the different technological devices that are used at all times and places (smartphones, netbooks …) are intensifying them. The muscular demands and the repetitive nervous signals to which the forearms and wrists are subjected are multiplying the appearance of different pains and especially the cases of carpal tunnel syndrome.

The wrist is like a tunnel through which nerves, tendons and other tissues pass . As it is such a small space, if one of them becomes inflamed, the others suffer: if the medial nerve that gives the tablet feels pain in the fingers, numbness or tingling . The symptoms are caused by the nerve, but what is inflamed is another tissue.

Wrist exercises


Some wrist exercises are useful to prevent and even relieve minor pain and minor symptoms . If you work or play on the computer for many hours a day, setting stretching breaks is great.

  • Interlocking the fingers on the head: A stretch that can be done at any time and anywhere consists of interlacing the fingers of both hands over the head. Then, palms up, extend your arms back and up a little. The posture is maintained for about 15 seconds.
  • On all fours: Another good stretch for the forearm and wrist is to get down on all fours on the hands and knees, with the thumbs pointing outward and the others pointing toward the knees . Try to keep your palms flat while stretching the front of your forearms a little back. The stretch is held for 20 seconds. Relax and redo. If you feel tension, there is no need to force.
  • Wrist and Forearm Stretch Forward: Sit or stand with your feet hip-width apart and extend your arms forward. Keep your back straight. Put the palm of the right hand up and take the fingers down with the left hand and slowly pull them towards the trunk . Hold the forearm stretch for about 10 seconds. Change arms and repeat the exercise.

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