7 Tips for practicing yoga for the first time

Tips for practicing yoga

Tips for practicing yoga. Some precautions help avoid injury and make yoga more enjoyable.

It is possible that many people have taken advantage of confinement to start practicing yoga. Before diving into the world of postures and facing physical challenges that have nothing to do with the essence of this technique, it may be useful to remember some basic tips that, on the other hand, are still interesting for practitioners.

Taking them into account prevents injury and contributes to a better understanding of yoga.


In yoga perfection is not sought . On the contrary, it invites to develop a great benevolence with oneself, because many limitations and fears are discovered. Accepting them without demanding improvements is the first step to overcome them naturally.

Surprises will come by themselves. A little sense of humor helps to relativize and cultivate healthy humility.


It is important to learn to know yourself to avoid injury :

  • Never force. Each body is different and each day is different, sometimes you are more tense or tired. No one better than ourselves can know when a movement or posture exceeds our possibilities at that moment.
  • Knowing how to listen and respect yourself is one of the learnings that yoga offers.
  • Connect with posture. Although there are some basic indications on how to position the body correctly in each posture, it is about being comfortable in it , noting how the energy flows and not how it is blocked in the effort.

To know if we are doing it well we can take into account we can remember what BKS Iyengar said in his book Luz sobre el yoga . A correct yoga practice ” provides lightness and joy to the body as well as to the mind, accompanied by a feeling of unity of body, mind and soul.”

tips for practicing yoga


  1. Practice on an empty stomach .
  2. Do it early in the morning or late in the afternoon. In the morning you can make a series of greetings to the sun or include positions that activate you ; in the evening, be sure to include various yin or rest postures to help you relax.
  3. Before starting the practice, empty the urinary bladder and evacuate the intestines.
  4. Relax facial muscles throughout the session.
  5. Keep your eyes open until you become familiar with yoga.
  6. Breathe through your nose and regularly.
  7. At the end of the practice, lie down in Savasana for ten minutes to integrate the practice and take advantage of its benefits.

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